UTMG Rewards

UT Medical Group’s compensation and total reward structure is designed around the following principles:

Externally Competitive
Our reward structure is designed to be competitive in the market.

Internally Equitable
Pay is based on the job and equivalent experience. Pay does not consider an individual’s gender, age, race, religion or national origin.

Our Group’s financial resources are considered.

Total Compensation:

Total Compensation at UT Medical Group includes the following components:

Direct Compensation
Base pay and any additional compensation (on-call, shift differential, overtime).

Indirect Compensation
Health and protection benefits, retirement benefits, tuition reimbursement, etc.

The Work Experience
Development opportunities, work/life balance, and culture.


Health and Protection Benefits

Medical Coverage
Health coverage is perhaps the most important of your benefits. It helps you maintain wellness and protects you against financial strain if you or a family member requires expensive care. UT Medical Group, Inc. offers a comprehensive medical and prescription drug plan.

Dental Coverage
The UTMG dental plan covers preventive dental care at 100%. (We cover two visits per year for routine maintenance.)

Flexible Spending Accounts
You can use our Flexible Spending Account to pay for eligible health care expenses and dependent care. Expenses are paid on a pre-tax basis. This is a great way to pay for certain expenses that are not covered by your medical or dental plan.

Long-Term Disability Insurance
We provide long-term disability insurance as a source of income protection. It is helpful if you become disabled as a result of an injury or illness.

Group Life Insurance
We provide $50,000 in individual life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment coverage. UTMG pays all of the premium costs.


Retirement Benefits

Pension Plan
UTMG provides a 401(k) pension plan. We make a monthly cash contribution to the 401(k) plan based on 4% percentage of your income. No employee contribution is required and vesting is immediate. The 401(k) plan is great way to save for retirement beyond the contribution UTMG makes. You may elect to voluntarily defer income into the tax-advantaged 401(k) plan on a pre-tax or Roth (after-tax) basis.

403(b) Voluntary Salary Deferral
The 403(b) is great way to save for retirement beyond our pension plan. You may elect to voluntarily defer income into a tax-sheltered 403 (b) plan.

Vacation, Sick & Holiday Pay

Recognizing that everyone needs time away from the job, UTMG provides employees with generous vacation time. The vacation credit increases based on years of employment.

All full-time employees are granted sick time each month. Annually, unused sick bank hours convert to Short Term Disability hours. Short-term disability pay is used for long absences due to a serious illness or accident. It bridges the income gap prior to a long-term disability policy taking effect.

UT Medical Group, Inc. observes 10 paid holidays.

Other Benefits

Tuition Reimbursement
UTMG wants our employees to grow and pursue their careers. To encourage this, we offer a tuition reimbursement program for all full-time employees.

Longevity Pay
Employees are eligible for longevity pay after three years of continuous full-time employment.

Social Security & FICA
UTMG contributes to FICA (Federal Insurance Contribution Act) for Social Security and Medicare benefits.

Employee Assistance Plan
Sometimes employees need emotional, financial, legal, and other types of counseling. We offer initial professional counseling and referral services. All services are confidential.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance
UTMG pays the premium for workers compensation insurance. This insurance pays for immediate medical care and compensation to employees who sustain injury, disability, or death on the job during approved working hours.