About UT Medical Group

UT Medical Group is the private practice arm of the faculty of The University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC). Our physicians are actively involved in teaching and research. Therefore, they often introduce the latest medical advances to patients in the Mid-South.

Patient care is our first concern.
UT Medical Group is dedicated to providing quality patient care. Our goal is to provide safe, timely, efficient, equitable and patient-centered care. UTMG is a not-for-profit practice. As a private practice, we are not tax-supported.

UTMG’s many services offer is a real advantage for our patients. Often illnesses affect many body systems and can require evaluation and treatment by several types of physicians. Our doctors can easily call on colleagues in other specialties for consultations and referrals. This helps us to provide cost-effective and seamless care for patients, from primary care doctors to specialists—all through UTMG’s own physicians.

You're In Good Hands.
When you read about a new treatment at a Memphis hospital, it is often being performed by a UT Medical Group doctor. Most organ transplants in the Mid-South are done by our staff. Our ties to UTHSC allow UTMG physicians access to the latest in treatments, protocols and labs. Our providers work with a broad range of professionals with advanced degrees in nursing, nutrition, pharmacology, psychology, and more. This involvement enhances our patients' care, and keeps our physicians at the top of their fields.